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The Maker

Marek Dabek luthier

The maker
Marek Dabek luthier

Marek Dabek

Polish luthier, photographer, designer...Since 2002 working under the pseudonym Stradi, developing an electric upright basses, electric violins and bass guitars designs. The experience gainet from the work on electic stringed instruments including dozens of pickups designs allowed him to look at the bass guitars from comlately new perspective. The Symphony Bass concept is a result of the experience, hard work and a dream to enhance an upright bass sound in a bass guitar design.

The process

Building process

Every Symphony Bass is hand made by Marek with maximum care. All of the materials and parts are hand selected and designed to create an uniform concept of the bass. Building less than 20 pieces per year allows The Maker to ensure top quality and uniqueness of every Symphony Bass. The process of creation starts from choosing the woods and overall concept, then the woods are jointed and put away for some time to ensure stability. The bass gets its shape and technical solutions like carbon tubes/rods in neck, truss rod, needed routings and of course the fingerboard. After careful grinding and finishing the bass gets his sound with highest quality custom pickups and electronics

Unique woods


There something unique in every piece of wood used to create a Symphony Basses. Marek try to choose a woods that have their own story, like it would define a unique soul of every instrument. The most beloved material in the shop is oak, especialy the bog oak. This is the wood that was immersed in the bog for a hundreds of years and has been recently excavated and dried in very restrict and time consuming process to preserve its physical properties

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