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Our work is mostly based on custom builds but to fulfil our goal of constant developement we also build some instruments based on our own ideas, that can be purchased directly with no need to wait for a custom build. In this section you can find a ready to go basses as well as those in build that can be reserved for you.

Symphony Gloria -please contact for details 


Pure form, distinctive tone…The body is made of one piece roasted spruce with one piece poplar burl top, oak neck and pau ferro fingerboard. The Piezo system gives this lightweigh bass a distinctive uprightish character, slide pots on back plate allow to make needed adjustments without spoiling the pure form of the front side.  Finished in high gloss! 

Symphony Flames – SOLD

My love to local wood species is no secret, this time I deciced to use a beautiful one piece birch top over a one piece african padauk body to point out this attitude. Oak/amazaque neck with carbon fiber tubes, ziricote fingerboard with brass position and swirl top markers. Passive Delano TheXtender with 3 position coil switch and DR Sunbeams strings for sweetest wmahhhhhh. I love the result, I hope you too…


Baroque 4 – SOLD


A 4 string chambered bass with carved body-top section made of thick bookmatched american ash. Reclaimed poplar bottom with roasted ash lining. Oak neck, figured pau ferro neck with EVOGold frets, original tear-shaped headstock design. Hipshot bridge with GraphTech piezo system, Delano TheXtender picukp with 3-position coil switch giving 3 different noiseless magnetic sounds. 


Cavalla – Sold



Exotic woods looks cool, but we want to highlight the beauty of the local ones! In this bass we made a top of beautifull flamed alder harvested 10km away from our workshop. Paired with iroko body and pau ferro neck & fingerboard makes a piece of good looking bass. Carbon tubes in neck, EVO Gold frets, Aguilar pickups, Glockenklang 2-band preamp, ETS brass bridge and Hipshot Ultralite tunerers are working toghrther to deliver great sound of this beauty!


The Symphonette SOLD

The Symphonette design with Delano SBC in quadcoil setup and Glockenklang 2-band preamp! 

Price: € 1650

Reformer SOLD

Since we are in 2020, does it mean that we can do strange things with impunity? I hope so! 😁
Price: €2500


Topola SOLD

Another stock bass is done – a deep-chambered Symphony 5 with solid poplar burl top. The bass looks massively but the weight is just above 3kg. Equipped in Lace Bass Bar and 2-band Glokenklang EQ wants to sing every note you’ll play on it… Padauk fingerboard nicely constrasts with warm grey top. Hand scratched bridge and tuners fulfil the design.


Gentleman – SOLD


Let’s make it simple, let’s make it beautiful, let’s make it sing…
Another 4-string Symphony in lightweight form, combining magnetic pickup hidden in ramp and piezo wooden bridge (with possibility to use the signals in stereo mode). Greys and browns looks so great togheter, don’t you think? Bass in actual stock


Pink! Furya 4 – SOLD

Short scale (32″ ) 4 string bass with passive neodymium single coil pickups in custom amaranth wood covers. Only one bass like that was made!
The neck is multipiece construction with verdo lago as main wood, baked american flamed cherry fingerboard contains 24 EVO Gold frets. Luminlay florescent side dots for great visibility on stage. Zero fret offers great sound for open strings, low string action at 1st frets and precise intonation.
The body made of lightweight european oak and poplar burl is specialy designed to be lightweight and give good access to highest frets. Entire bass weight is just 2,7kg (around 6lbs).
Finished with thin satin polyurethan for best sound and comfort touch.


Classic Birch – SOLD


Here’s another Symphony project based on local woods – this time with figured birch on top, one piece ash on back and maple neck. More classic lines, with slick rounded edges, Hipshot Vintage style bridge and Delano humbucker onboard. Glockenklang 3-band preamp widens the tonal versality of the bass.



Basses in build…

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