Symphony Bass

This is our flagship project that combines two worlds – classic and modern. It was created by joining the natural beauty of a classic double bass and a modern bass guitar. As a result of our hard work, experience and creativity, an instrument with excellent sound, sustain and form was created. Perfect proportions allowed us to create an instrument with good balance, unparalleled comfort, and low weight. The extended fingerboard allows the bridge to be pushed closer to the edge of the body, thus bringing the first frets closer to increase comfort of the left hand. In most Symphony basses with a long fingerboard, the neck is a homogeneous structure glued into the body along its entire length and stiffened with carbon fiber tubes, ensuring perfect sustain and stability. 
Symphony Basses are made in several forms – with a long or short fingerboard, with a flat or carved top, and with a solid or chambered body. 
It is possible to use 3 types of transducers – our original piezo system, for the most acoustic sound. Magnetic systems include the great Delano TheXtender HE and a special magnetic transducer hidden under the extended fingerboard for most pure, clean design. 
The standard dimensions for the Symphony Bass are 72mm string spacing and 35″ scale for 5-string basses. However, any scale, nut and bridge spacing can be made upon request when ordering custombuilt instrument. 
The standard Symphony bass weighs from about 2.7kg to 4kg (6lbs to 8.8lbs), or slightly more for solid body 6-string basses. We carefully select lightweight, well-seasoned woods for the best possible sound, comfort and balanceEvery instrument is manually examined to ensure that the ergonomics are just right. Our basses are designed to be comfortable no matter where they are being played, even in the highest positions.  

Big Daddy

I’m not sure if it’s still a bass guitar or a grand piano but I’m VERY satisfied with this build. Very deep (3″ without top) oak body made of contious one-piece board, giving extraordinary details like mirror grain on upper and lower body parts, with delicate lines or lighter oak and wenge between those. Delano pickup in sweet spot for warm, deeeeeeep, niseless sound. 3-way coilk switch, Volume and Tone slide pots on back to have some control possobilities leaving pure form of the top.
The bass is is stock, contact me for details


Symphony Swan VI

Yet another deeply chambered grand piano finished. Symphony Swan VI with beautiful flamed maple top, 2 layers of continous oak board body gives a mirror frain pattern. Delano quadcoil + ETS piezo balanced with Richter summing preamp, blended with Fishman system and EQd with Glockenklang 2-band unit.

Symphony Kioto

Symphony Kioto 5, with all of it’s pureness this build fulfills me with satisfaction. Holly top, over lightly flamed oak body, beautifully flamed maple fingerboard, with Luminlay side dots and Titanium frets. Ray ross bridge, Delano TheXtended and Glockenklang preamp gives this bass a very lively and dynamic sound.

Symphony Stone

Having fun with stone is as cool as having fun with fire 😊 Here’s a Symphony Stone bass with chambered samba body, ash top covered with stone (slate) and oak neck. Delano Xtender with Hipshot piezo bridge and Glockenklang preamp makes this bass truly sing! Weight is still very good – just a bit over 3kg.. ☺️

Symphony Astraios

There it is – Astraîos Symphony in all its beauty..
Made with chambered flamed maple body and flamed oak top finished with fire. One piece pau ferro fingerboard hides unvisible magnetic pickup handwound specially for this bass. Small frets and flatwound strings gives the bass uprightish sound character. Oil finish enhance natural wood structure and feeling

Big Mumma

The Big Mumma is done and I love it! 😊
This is a 35″ scale 6-string ultra deep chambered Symphony, with body made of 2 thick continous oak boards joined in perfect grain harmony.. triple leayer of linings in center adds a beautiful detail to the design. To not spoil the beautiful flamed maple top I placed the controls on backplate. The body is definately deeper but also a bit bigger than regular Symphony, giving great deepth and warmth to the sound. The Neck is made of flamed maple core, roasted oak linings and Canadian maple sides, stiffened with carbon fiber tubes and dual action truss rod. Passive Delano TheXtender pickup is wired with Vol+Tone slide pots and uses 3-position slide switch to change between totally noiseless single neck/series/single bridge setup.

Symphony Heiko

Where the Classic meets the Modern…
A six string Symphony with deeply chambered Iroko body and one piece bubinga top, resonant dibetou neck stiffened with carbon fiber tubes and one piece extended ebony fingerboard with titanium frets. It also has a special feature – beside the quadcoil Delano pickup the bass is equipped with RMC piezo saddles and preamp connected to both – analog and hex output so it can be used as a regular piezo/mag signal bass and a MIDI controller!

Symphony Orchid

I love playing with colours and shades and the pure form of Symphony design gives me a great field to express it ☺️
Here’s a 5-string beauty with exceptional piece of tightly flamed maple fingerboard stained with orchid pink. The body is made with one piece deeply chambered mahogany with flamed maple top stained black and sanded down to show a shades of beautiful 3D waves. The neck is made with quartersawn oak core and figured birch sides, of coure reinforced with carbon fiber tubes. Deep chambering gives the bass a pleasat overtones yet the sustain and dynamics remains great. I love this job…😎

Symphony Obssesion

I present you my obsession…The Symphony Obsession Bass…I was looking for proper piece of wood for this project for a few years. Surprisingly I spotted a mesmerizing piece of Bocote, and immediately purchased it from Canada.. I felt like a small kid opening the box! The piece was outstanding. I was absolutely sure what design I want to fulfill wihth it – today, on the last working day of 2022, I can finally show it to you…
The unique piece of Bocote is joined with my beloved quartersawn Oak top finished with Shou Sugi Ban, with Amazaque neck and our local roasted alder body. The Silver & Turquoise swirl position dots are perfect cherry on a cake…Dual pickup system has slide pots and coil switch on back, to not spoil this delicate lines…
Have a wonderful 2023 my Friends. Thank you for all your support and kindness ❤️


After moving to the new workshops we’re finally back to work and here’s a beauty we just finished – Symphony Gloria. The body is made of one piece roasted spruce with one piece poplar burl top, oak neck and pau ferro fingerboard. The Piezo system gives this lightweigh bass a distinctive uprightish character, slide pots on back plate allow to make needed adjustments without spoiling the pure form of the front side.. As a special request we made a high gloss finish here 🙂


Another intersting project is done – The Symphony Mocha 5 with full oak construction, inlcuding 2100 years old bog oak top and deeply roasted oak body, neck and fingerboard. The body is deeply chambered, with invisible magnetic pickup system combined with piezo, operated by slide pots on back for most pure front look. The special feature is tuning in fifths since the bass is prepared especialy for Meditation on Bach project by Peter Saint-Andre.


Here it is – the 6-string Symphony with one piece, deeply chambered oak body , pau ferro top, roasted flamed maple fingerboard and passive Delano Xtender quadcoil pickup. The maple/padouk neck is reinforced with 2x10mm carbon fiber tubes. The top vibrates freely over a big tone chamber giving deep but still dynamic sound with very good sustain. Slide style Volume, Tone and 3-way coil setup switch are placed on the backplate so the top could be left clean, with violin purfling for the subtle classical touch…

Chocolate 6

Made with love to purity…
6 string chambered Symphony with pau ferro top and wenge fingerboard, deeply chambered dibetou body with soundhole on neck joint. The bass has active direct output with bass, treble and gain adjustable with internal trimpots. The sound is deep and warm, just like it should be…😊


NAMM show is getting close so let’s end the showcase with this beauty – The Symphony Bass with spectacular maple burl top, exceptional black limba body, figured purpleherat fingerboard and purpleheart/maple neck… Od course a quadcoil Delano TheXtender pickup with clean Glockenklang 3-band preamp make it sing as good as it looks 😉


This deeply chambered fretless goes with us to the NAMM show as well. It has floating piezo bridge combined with Delano TheXtender giving deep acoutic tone. The body is made od deeply roasted flamed oak, th top is made of one piece roasted flamed ash and the figerboard is beautiful piece of amazaque with copper swirl dots on top and side. Very natural in look and sound…


 Another NAMM beauty! This time with invisible magnetic pickup and piezo under brass bridge for lively strong sound and enormous whahhh… Purpleheart fingerboard with brass swirl position dots match perfectly to pink burst on blue poplar burl top. Aurora strings in Aqua Blue puts a cherry on a cake here…


Available in USA at Luthiers Access Group

Here’s another bass that we prepared for the NAMM show – Symphony Cremona in classic viloin style. Lightly roasted Spruce top was stained while the edge was left natural to exress the outlines, deeply chambered body was routed out of one piece of mahogany, one piece rosted neck and nice pau ferro fingerboard are fitted with Evo Gold frets. Bridges are fully adjustable and Delano TheXtender HE pickup with Glockenklang 2-band preamp gives many shades of audible satisfaction 🙂



 And here is the first of our NAMM basses – puristic Symphony made with beautiful roasted maple top on samba body, roasted oak and maple neck with one piece flamed maple extended fingerboard. Special EVO fretwork, turquoise/brass eye markers, invisible magnetic pickup in passive setup and fully adjustable bridges…Playing this bass is pure joy!😊

Deep Symphony

Available in USA at Luthiers Access Group

Another Deep Symphony became a reality – the bass is deeply chambered with one piece Afromosia body and bookmatched maple top, amazaque fingerboard is covered with beautiful piece of walnat burl. Hand rubbed sunburst with natural binding gives the bass classic look…

Symphony BP

Gold and purple – there’s something extraordinary in this duo…today I present you a deeply chambered Symphony Bass made with flamed maple top, beautiful one big piece of oak and a figured purpleheart fingerboard…Delano Xtender in 60’/70′ position blends sweetly with our piezo system. Push-pull volume pot changes the magnetic pickup coil setup giving the bass wider tonal posibilities. Purpleheart purfling is a sweet classical accent I especialy like on this build, I hope you like it too 😊


The deeply chambered Symphony 6 with 31″ scale and piezo/magnetic setup is done. Beautiful piece of Purpleheart have been used for carved top. Lightweight oak neck, mahogany body with specialy designed big tonal chamber for the warmest, deepest and most delightfull sound possible…Delano TheXtender wired to produce 4 different noiseless tones can be freely blended with our piezo system installed in floating bridge. Working on this bass was a pure pleasure…

Symphony Patinum

There’s something fascinating in metal + wood compositions that maked the design something trully special. Here we made a pattined copper carved top to create a dark, mysterious Symphony Bass with proper dose of elegance and distinguish sound…
The bass is made with swamp ash body with roasted oak linings, one piece oak neck, one piece extended ebony fingerboard with copper swirl markers. Delano TheXtender blended via Glockenklang preamp with our piezo system and Aurora black strings gives swet and deep mwahhhhh.

Fire 4

Symphony Fire 4 – fully passive, with 2x neodymium P-style pickups in ramp. Flamed maple top in sweet colour of autumn maple leaves. Flatsawn maple fingerboard with matching ramp. American cherry back and maple/oak neck. Hipshot Kickass bridge for great tone and sustain. I’m really happy with this build 🙂

Symphony Caramel

This is our first build in both – left hand Symphony design and roasted maple burl top – I hope you like the result as much as we do 😊 This Symphony bass has passive Delano TheXtender quadcoil pickup placed in 60’/70′ position, wired to give 3 noiseles dynamic sounds. Carbon fiber tubes reinforced oak neck, wenge fingerboard and adjustable saddles setup.


Today I’d like to present you Apollo Symphony Bass that I was happy to build for David Sutkin. This is solid body constructio with deeply roasted flamed oak body, beautiful roasted flamed ash, 5-piece purpleheart neck and pale moon ebony fingerboard (big thanks to Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk for help with getting it!). The details of this project made me push some boundaries and I feel pure satisfaction with the results! The pickup (made by Humless Pickups) is actually 4 independent coils hidden under oval shaped pale moon ebony cover, having 4 independent outputs (via 2 stereo jacks), and of course can be used in regular mono operation with flip of a switch. Ray Ross bridge makes the strings vibrate freely, double drop Hipshot Xtender expands tuning possibilities and the BLACK frets are a cherry on a (fingerboard) cake 😊

Symphony Denim

I like padouk for sound, unique colour, smell when worked, and the pallete of colours it goes well with. Here is one of projects when I used blue jeans and copper on back to complement the top. The bass is chambered, with precision placed Delano TheXtended wired single neck / series / single bridge to get both – vintage vibe and warm strong tone with a flip of a switch. Glockenklang preamp gives additional versatility. 


Carved maple burl top Symphony 5 with great sounding Humless Pickups in Amaranth covers. Carbon fiber tubes reinforced neck made of roasted flamed europaen and canadian maple. I love the rich burl pattern on this one!

Symphony Excellence

Symphony Bass in the purest form. Deeply chambered, active piezo bass with carbon tubes reinforced mahogany neck, padauk extended fingerboard and flamed maple top. Slide pots on back plate keeps clean curves of top untouched…


My love to local wood species is no secret, this time I deciced to use a beautiful one piece birch top over a one piece african padauk body to point out this attitude. Oak/amazaque neck with carbon fiber tubes, ziricote fingerboard with brass position and swirl top markers. Passive Delano TheXtender with 3 position coil switch and DR Sunbeams strings for sweetest wmahhhhhh. I love the result, I hope you too…

Symphony Orpheus

A six string deeply chambered Symphony Orpheus

The Cavallo

I’m happy to show you The Cavallo Symphony with Ray Ross bridge and Delano TheHybrid pickups giving both – passive JB and active MM tone characteristics with a flipp of a switch. Smooth pau ferro neck/fingerboard duo gives great fretless tone and beatuful flamed alder top pleases the eyes.


You know I love the oak wood, right? I tried to find some nice flamed oak pieces for my build but no luck so far, so I decided to make my own FLAMED OAK. Probably the language barier took me to some other corners of imagination than expected but the final result is far beyond cool 🔥😎
Full oak construction with indian ebony fingerboard and EVO Gold fretwire. Delano TheXtender quadcoil and Glockenklang 2-band preamp delivers strong and punchy sound. ETS bridge and Schaller tuners in aged coper finish fits very well to Shou Sugi Ban and oil finished oak.


What can I say – I feel pure satisfaction with this build…The colours, contrast, beautiful woods and those tiny details that took us a lot of time and attention…I hope you like it as well 😊
Lively coloured Purpleheart and exceptional one piece flamed maple fingerboard sits in the design with perfect harmony. Carbon fiber tubes reinforced oak neck, Delano TheXtender quadcoil and Glockenklang 3-band preamp on board. Silver eye side markers with turquoise inlay, specialy prepared Evo gold fretwire with spherical ends shaped before installation.


I’m very happy to show you one of the last builds – deeply chambered Symphony with weight below 3kg and deep, woody sound. I was very happy to use a locally sourced woods for the body and top (both – alder). Delano TheXtender quadcoil in p-bass position, neck single/humbucker/bridge single coil switch setup and 2-band Glockenklang preamp. I really like this bass, especialy the classic warm colour of the roasted flamed alder top. Do you like it as well? 😊😁

Tribute 2

Purity and elegance of the very first Symphony comes back with carved top. No pots, just direct output of an active Stradi piezo system. Our locally sourced oak body and flamed alder top. Ebony fingerboard with 24 titanium frets on oak/maple neck equipped in carbon fiber tubes.

Rock 8

Apparently, there are things in luthiery that are better avoided for safety reasons … unfortunately, these are the things that attract us the most! 😊
We just finished a very special project – the 8-string 36″ bass guitar made with stone covered carved top, 4 custom made quadcoil humbuckers (thanks to Humless Pickups) in adjustable ramp, 24 precise stainless steel frets and Glockenklang 3-band preamp with variable mid frequency setup.
The bass can deliver 80 (eighty!) different hum-free sound setups without touching the EQ setup yet 😁


For me this bass is pure satisfaction, I hope you like it too 😊
The body and neck is made of my beloved oak, pau ferro top with 3-layer violin purfling inlaid. Brass swirl dot markers on wenge fingerboard. Delano Thextender pickup in 60’/70′ position with Stradi piezo system and stereo output take cares for the sound…

Topola 2

Our locally (just 2 km from the workshop) sourced poplar burl pieces are our favourite eye candy. The wood pattern enhanced with our original stain mixture makes them truly spectacular pieces of nature’s creation.
Here’s another thick top, deeply chambered Symphopny bass powered by Lace Alumitone pickup and Glockenklang preamp. This instrument truly sings out every single note…

The Buddha

It’s been a while when I met Billy Dickens at the NAMM 2019 but the impression he made on me when he came to try out our basses is still strong. Things that he made with Symphony Stone 6 and Ancient 5 were just pure magic.
And the 3 words I remembered very well from that moment was…”I play seven” 😉 🇺🇸💪
The bass is made of oak, with padauk fingerboard and poplar burl top. The fingerboard has compound radius from 10″ on nut up to 30″ on bridge giving great ergonomisc and string to string ballance. Symmetrical string spacing on custom ETS bridge. 3 carbon fiber tubes in neck, 2 dual action truss rods. Custom made Delano TheXtended quadcoil in padauk cover, Glockenklang 3-band preamp with selectable mid frequency gives great palette of tones.

Red 2

Deeply chambered Symphony Bass with Delano TheXtender and Hipshot piezo bridge…what can I say…I love my job! 😊


We’be been working on this project for last months with great joy – it was fantastic motivation for alternative thinking about the design but for the most about technical solutions. Full oak construction including ancient bog oak top, originally designed raw brass headpiece and fingerboard end reinformcement, carbon fiber tubes stiffened neck and deep sounding Delano TheXtender with our piezo system with automatic stero mode. The hardest part was designing a tuning system that will be complately hidded in body outlines, but still fitting the overal aesthetic concept. I think we did it… what do you think?


We enjoyed the work on dual colour finish so much that we decided to stick a bit stronger to this approach 🙂
The result is a great soundiong bass with spectacular look. The bass is made with one piece oak neck reinforced with carbon fiber tubes , solid body construction and piezo/magnetic pickup system



It was a matter of time when Agnieszka’s new favourite colour will become a part of Symphony Bass design 😊 Yes, the living room is already painted with the same colour 🌊 I like it too, deep ocean blue works very well with mahogany body. The bass is chambered, with our Piano bridge placed on thick maple top. Delano SBC with our piezo pickups deliver natural, warm tone.


Usually I don’t make a multicilour finish but Andrew got me interested a lot i mixing those 2 colours so I couldn’t resist! ? Again our locally harvested poplar burl occured to be great canvas for the colours. The bass is equipped in dual pickup system including invisible magnetic pickup and our original piezo wired in automatic mono/stereo mode (depending on type of jack plugged). Brass tube bridge gives air and clarity to the tone. For the first time we used Schaller DaVinci tuners in Symphony Bass project. We love the result, and do you like it?


Delicate lines, gold and purple, pure and sweet sounding…The Aurum Symphony.
This fully chambered body design has one piece alder body, flamed maple carved top and one piece purpleheart fingerboard inlayed with 24k Gold. Oak neck and our piezo system powered by custom Noll preamp gives it deep, acousic sound with fantastic dynamics.


Custom builds helps us to look from a diffeerent perspective, sometimes ispiring us to create something new. In this special instrument we used crushed turquoise for inlay and went a step further making turquoise dots on the bottom of luminlay side lines accented with sheets of silver…The bass is equipped with set of TheXtenders, John East preamp and our piezo system supported by Fishman powerchip (allowing to use the signals in stereo mode).


Let’s make it simple, let’s make it beautiful, let’s make it sing…
Another 4-string Symphony in lightweight form, combining magnetic pickup hidden in ramp and piezo wooden bridge (with possibility to use the signals in stereo mode). Greys and browns looks so great togheter, don’t you think?


Very personal approach to Symphony Bass – pure, raw and minimalistic. Fully chambered body made of one piece oak, carved wenge top, ziricote fingerboard on oak/cherry neck. Delano TheXtender wired straight to output with 3-way coil switch on backplate.


Exotic woods looks cool, but we want to highlight the beauty of the local ones! In this bass we made a top of beautifull flamed alder harvested 10km away from our workshop. Paired with iroko body and pau ferro neck & fingerboard makes a piece of good looking bass. Carbon tubes in neck, EVO Gold frets, Aguilar pickups, Glockenklang 2-band preamp, ETS brass bridge and Hipshot Ultralite tunerers are working toghrther to deliver great sound of this beauty!

The Classic Birch

Here’s another Symphony project based on local woods – this time with figured birch on top, one piece ash on back and maple neck. More classic lines, with slick rounded edges, Hipshot Vintage style bridge and Delano humbucker onboard. Glockenklang 3-band preamp widens the tonal versality of the bass.


Symphony Sunset with lovely padouk fingerboard.

Delano TheXtender quadcoil with humless 60’/ humbucker / 70′ coil switch and our original piezo system. Auto activated stereo output and 3-band Glockenklang in live colors, piezo + magnetic system.

The Red

The Red Symphony Bass 4.Chambered ash body with carved padouk top and classical f-hole design. Flamed ash / sycamore neck with ziricote fingerboard and Evo gold frets. Hipshot D-style bridge, Gotoh GB350 tuners and of course Delano TheXtender quadcoil pickup giving 3 complately different humless sounds!

Miss Steel

This 5-string fretless Symphony bas design is based on radiused stainless steel fingerboard, beautiful combination of colours with padouk wood as main character. Beautiful red Aurora strings are the cherry on a cake.

QSCCS (Kusskuss)

Clean and elegant Symphony bass made with one piece maple body,2100 years bog oak top, one piece lightweight oak neck and pau ferro fingerboard with pure silver swirl markers and Luminlay side lines. Equipped in our original piezo system, Delano thextender quadcoil and stereo output with controls layout fitted to a backplate for cleanest look of the bass.


Symphony Sky Bass prepared for NAMM 2019. Chambered body bass, with beautiful poplar burl top and lovely quartersawn oak fingerboard


The Symphony Disturbia with great Ezi Pickups neodymium humbucker in ancient Bog Oak cover. Carved ziricote top, dibetou body, one piece oak neck and beautiful flamed maple fingerboard (that was perfectly clean and bright on both sides when we glued it, when we started to make a radius a dark line on first frets appeared – we decided to finish the project in this form calling it Disturbia).

Hollow 6

One piece fully chambered body/top with thin layer of natural stone. Beautiful ziricote fingerboard matching the top. 36″ scale length. Hipshot piezo bridge with Lace Bass Bar. Bookmatched pau ferro neck with two titanium truss rods.

Vitae 6

The Symphony Vitae 6, chambered bass with piezo / magnetic system, purpleheart body, padouk fingerboard and bridge and poplar burl carved top. Carbon fiber tubes in african mahogany neck gives great stability. The tone is rich and live with good acoustic character.

Subtle 4

Subtle and elegant Symphony Bass in 4-string setup. Pau Ferro top with ironed purfling pattern. Wenge fingerboard with pure silver swirl markers, oak neck and alder body. Delano ThexTender pickup in 60’/70′ position and 3-way coil switch.

Grey Stone 5

Symphony Stone 5 with Aguilar humcancelling pickups, carbon fiber tubes in neck, 2100 years old fingerboard and titanium frets. Hipshot D-style bridge, Delano X-pure booster and beautiful wood combination. Carved cedar top is covered with layer of stone.

Scarlet 5

5-string fully chambered body bass with deep, warm tone produced by Delano ThexTender quadcoil pickup and Graphtech piezo duo. Carbon fiber tubes reinforced neck made of oak with pau ferro fingerboard and Evo Gold frets, one piece thick alder body and beautiful carved padouk top with classic f-hole.


This lightweight, puristic Symphony Bass with grey stained flamed maple top has chambered dibetou body, carbon tubes reinforced mahogany neck and beautiful contrasting padouk fingerboard with pure silver swirl markers. Newly designed piezo bridge with adjustablke dynamics and invisible magnetic pickupu system with slide controls placed o backplate.

Tribute 4

This is a retrospective project basing on the very first Symphony Bass. This time a fretted (titanium) 4 string bass with ebony fingerboard.

Baroque 4

It has Delano TheXtender in 60’/70′ setup blended with Ghost piezo saddles. Fat oak neck, EVO Gold frets on figured Pau Ferro fingerboard. Reclaimed poplar body with Ash chambered top.

Classic 4

Full passive with neodymium singlecoil pickups in wooden covers. Chambered alder body, oak burl top with smoked oak underlayer, ziricote fingerboard on flatsawn oak neck. Hand shaped brass bridge for good punch and proper string grounding installed in our piano bridge design.


Concept instrument – ultralightweight, headless Symphony bass made with one piece poplar burl body, oak neck and purpleheart fingerboard. 2kg of pure form…


Symphony Morado 6. 35″ fretless with piezo/Delano tandem on board. Carved Pau Ferro top on oak body and neck. Rotary switch for piezo equalisation or magnetic active/passive mode. Plugging stereo cable automatically turns on stereo mode with piezo and magnetic signals going in separate channels.

Ancient 5

Symphony Ancient 5 made complately of 2100 years old bog oak. Two beautiful pieces of wood were used to build this bass – one for body wings and one for neck & fingerboard. Titanium frets, carbon fiber tubes in neck and great Delano TheXtender quadcoil to make it truly sing.


Classic vibe Syphony Bass.

Chocolate 4

The bass contains Dibetou chambered body with original soundhole design on back where the neck meets the body. Top is made of thick solid pau ferro, with thin layer of maple underneath. Neck is 5 piece with central part made of flamed american cherry (thermo stabiilsed), wenge and oak sides. Fingerboard is one piece quartersawn wenge, it has Luminlay side lines, pure silver side position markers and original Swirl top markers made of pure silver (999 probe). Stradi original piezo pickup under ebony bridge is responsible for dynamic, warm and rich tone of the bass. Wooden knobs on volume and tone pots (active). Battery box on back for easy battery replacement. Wooden electronics cover. Bass finished with hand rubbed tung oil. Schaller BM Light black tuners.


Our first semiacoustic bass made with beautiful amaranth top, african walnut body, one piece oak neck with oak fingerboard. This is most natural acoustic sounding Symphony. The sound is produced by floating bridge held just by string tension equipped in our original piezo system and active tone control. Classic violin f-hole style in pair with carved top refers to the roots of Symphony Bass design.


The Symphony Amunet Bass…made especialy for Henry Paul according to his unique specification. The top is made of special piece of poplar burl with natural holes filled with resin. Thin Purpleheart/wenge neck with carbon fiber tubes, neck-thru/set neck hybrid construction, lightweight oak body and pau ferro fingerboard with titanium premium fretwork, hyerogliphs (meaning Amunet) as markers. Custom made Delano TheXtender pickups with P-bass / parallel / reverse P-bass coil setup, both connetcet do individual Michalik preamps (one preamp per pickup) and then blended. This bass has endless tonal possibilities.

Stone 6

The bass is made with stone top over cedar/oak/okume body, carbon tubes reinforced neck and premium stainless steel fretwork. Lace Bass Bar pickups paired with Stradi modified Glockenklang preamp gives plenty of tonal possibilities. And the weight is below 3kg 


The carved body/top (yes the body and top are one piece of oak that was chambered and then the bottom piece of okume was attached) covered with the layer of copper. Reinforced wenge neck, ziricote fingerboard with titanium frets and the Hipshot piezo bridge blended with Delano Thextender gives this bass a killer sound!

The 8

This is the most sophisticated bass I made. 8 string 36″ bass with piezo system and invisible magnetic pickup. 2000 years old bog oak top and oak body/neck construction with ziricote fingerboard and pure silver swirl markers.

Cookie 5

It is so warm feeling when an old friend comes back for another bass. Grzesiek owns one of the very first basses made in Stradi workshop and here’s another one made for him. Cookie bass is a chambered 5-string fretless made of sweet looking woods – pau ferro and ammona evaporated oak as main characters. Piezo and magnetic system supported by Glockenklang preamp gives fantastic tone!

Pure 5

Pure form of Symphony Bass, with no knobs, no additional electronics, just a chambered bass with active piezo pickup hidden under the beridge. 2100 years old oak fingerboard and top, with mahogany body. Pure tone in pure form


The Symphony Soul… The body and neck (one piece!) was made of 2100 years old bog oak with very unique one piece ziricote fingerboard with oak binding and 999 probe silver side and top markers (+ luminlay fret side line markers). Delano TheXtender quadcoil pickup which gives you 3 totally different sounds (all hum free) and piezo pickup under Ebony bridge are responsible for a very uprightish and dynamic sound of this beauty. The signal can be used in stereo or mono mode and the playability and sustain is enormous. The top has been carved and the wood was finished with tung oil…just that you could touch the history.


Stradi Symphony Sky… this is a bass made entirely of the loacly sourced woods. Loacal diamonds i would say…The oak + hornbeam neck is very stiff and resonant, with tight lows and singing highs. The body is made of spalted flamed alder and poplar burl (localy named Vistula wood) top rescued from being a fire wood actually… The flamed maple fingerboard contains preshaped (!) stainless steel frets in smallest size for most natural feeling and perfect pitch even on high positions. Radius of the fingerboard is compound (10″ for 0 fret to 20″ for 24th) The bridge is made of 2100 years old Bog Oak and the saddle on it is made in form of brass tube for most airy acoustic tone out of this baby… The bass weight is below 3kg but ths don’t stop him from very long sustain and llively sound.


The Symphony Black Velvet bass has puristic form, without any visible pots. The top is made of over 2000 years bog oak and it’s placed on solid european oak body, smoked ash and ash bottom enhance the elegance of this instrument.
Multipiece neck is based on thermo-stabilised flamed american cherry with elegant and very stable lamination of flamed maple core and jatoba/oak/smoked ash linings.

One piece pau ferro extended fingerboard is equipped in luminlay side line and dot side markers. Original Stradi invisible magnetic and piezo pickup system gives this bass an extraordinary sound. Small switch on backplate allows player to choose between piezo / magnetic or blended signal. Stereo output is activated when stereo jack is plugged.
Hand polished flat finish gives very smooth feel, just like a
velvet…The Black Velvet.


Chambered alder body with carved flamed maple top and one piece oak neck. ETS piezo bridge, Delano TheXtender and Aguilar OBP-3 on board makes this bass singing sweetly and deeply.

Stone 5

Stradi Symphony Stone…This exceptional instrument contains many outstanding and unique features like the body made of cedar wood, the carved top is made of oak and covered with a layer of NATURAL STONE! The 5 piece neck neck made of bookmatched flamed Acajou (African mahogany), smoked oak and flamed maple is equipped in carbon fiber tubes for maximum stability, sustain and resonance. The ziricote compound radius (10″-20″) fingerboard contains TITANIUM frets that has been preshaped before instalation…this is very time and labour consuming proces (around an hour per one fret) but pays off with extraordynary comfort for the left hand of the player. The bass is equipped in ziricote/brass bridge with piezo saddles and a Delano jazz bass style (humcanceling) pickup in wood/stone cover which actually can be replaced with Delano TheXtender pickup. The signal of both pickups can be blended or used in stereo mode when stereo cable is plugged. The playability is outstanding and the sound is very lively with plenty of harmonics.


The Symphony Nox…This bass is made of 2100 years old Bog Oak with one piece neck and also single piece body wings…the fingeroard is made out of 1,5mm thick stainless steel (10″ radius on entire length) gluead to a piece of maple that I took from an over 100 years old grand piano (the resonance of this wood was enormous…). Wenge binding contains puer silver position markers and luminlay fret lines for dark scene situations. The sustain of this bass is realy a big deal…the sound is warmer than you’d ever expect and the weight of this bass is still within a reasonable range of 4,3kg making it the heaviest 5 string bass I ever made. This elegant gentelman is finished with tung oil so you really can touch the history.

TM 6

This 36″ scale bass is able to produce many different tones out of 2 Delano quadcoils and Hipshot piezo bridge. The humbuckers coils arrangement can be set in 3 different ways (for each pickup!) including front single coil/serial/rear single coil. Beautifull flamed cherry neck and oak body produce sweet dynamics and all of this construction deserves the special top made of over 2000 years old bog oak. And there’s more – the output of this baby is mono/stereo depending on what type of jack is used! Pau ferro fingerboard contains tiny stainless steel frets for best comfort and most woody sound.


We tend to not make a gloss finish on our basses but if friend asks, how can we refuse?! Especialy if the final effect is so beautiful…2100 years old oak top with pau ferro fingerboard makes an elegant duet on the front, but the pure magic is on the back! Check the gallery for more details  


Fretless design with extended fingerboard made of beautiful piece of pau ferro. The thick top is made of 2100 years old oak wood. Pure lines, excellent electronics and outstanding tone…

Deep 5

Pure form of Symphony Bass, with no knobs, no additional electronics, just a chambered bass with active piezo pickup hidden under the beridge. 2100 years old oak fingerboard and top, with mahogany body. Pure tone in pure form

Gold 5

The body is made of oak with brown ash and madrona top and the neck is one piece flamed cherry. Over 2000 years old bog oak fingerboard with brass side dots and mando size stainless steel frets is a cherry on a cake.

J-Rock 5

The bass is equipped in Delano TheXtender quadcoil pickup with paralell/single/series coil switch that gives a 3 different tone shapes out of one pickup with absolutely no hum. I’ve put a massive aluminium block under ETS saddles for modern, compressed sound.


The 36″ fretless Symphony made of breathtaking ancient black oak, spalted birch, awsome piece of pau ferro on fingerboard…and the details – position dots made of pure silver, oak fingeboard binding, ebony bridge and finally deep, clear and powerful sound.


This is the upright bass sound and design enchanted to a bass guitar.. You can find here just one pickup – piezo – and nothing more is needed! The neck is made of hornbeam with two carbon fiber pipes that runs from headpiece to bridge. Body is made of walnut and oak(!) and the fingerboard is massive piece of wenge with compound radius – all of it creates one of a kind instrument with most upright bass sound that you ever heard from a bass guitar.

Process of creation…

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