Jazz Guitar

The project of a Jazz Guitar is the most sublime concept among our designs. Delicate  lines and body form  based on our old electric violin designs are essential for this instrument. The concept  is based on special body construction where the center part of it (in bridge placement area) is very thin (only around 8mm ! ) giving fantastic resonance and acoustic character and the sides are  thicker giving the construction a proper strength and stability. The top has a  slighty curved form and the bottom is deeply carved making the whole construction one of a kind and ergonomic piece of appiled art.  

The Oak

Let’s be clear, this is not regular solid body electric guitar. With our unique body-top design this guitar can naturally provide an archtop guitar sound and exceptional comfort! The body at center part is around…6mm thick and the closer to the edges the thicker it is providing exceptional resonance at the bridge. The guitar is made with one piece oak body, one piece oak neck (carbon fiber tubes reinforced) and one piece 2100 years old bog oak fingerboard-headstock part. Great sound is provided by Humless Pickups custom humbucker in bog oak cover and piezo bridge with slide volume control and switches (magnetic coil setup and piezo/magnetic) on back.

Jazz guitar

Let’s get rid of restrictions, let’s get rid of frets.
with Humless Pickups.

The Grey Jazz

First of the The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 exhibition models -The Grey Jazz… Floating bridge design with brass tube saddle, carved top and bottom, polished bronze string retainer and Evo Gold frets. Subtle and elegant…

Process of creation…

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