Furya Bass

The Furya Bass was designed to be an ultralight instrument that gives great comfort while playing in various styles. Inspired by Japanese artthe body provides excellent access to the highest positions and extremely good balance, despite its very low weight. The Furya Bass usually weighs from as low as 2kg up to around 3,5kg (4,4lbs to 7,7lbs) for solid body instruments. 

Like the Symphony Bass, the Furya can be made with either a short or long fingerboard design, equipped with a piezo or magnetic pickup system, or a combination of both. Solid or chambered body design is possible, as well as custom scale lengthas well as nut and bridge spacing. The body and neck profile are hand shaped to ensure the best ergonomics possible. 

lent access to the highest positions and extremely good balance despite the very low weight of the whole. Usual weight of this bas varies from as low as 2kg up to around 3,5kg for tring solid body basses.

Furya Tamas

The Furya 5 made complately out of localy sourced woods including spalted flamed alder top, alder body, oak neck and bog oak fingerboard. Invisible magnetic pickup blended with our original piezo system gives deep, warm tone. This is the first Furya with carved top – how do you like it?


PINK Furya! Lightweight, ergonomic and great sounding bass with lots of sustain! Made of oak body with poplar burl top, Verdo Lago multipiece neck with roasted cherry fingerboard, Evo Gold frets and Luminlay side dots. Neodymium singlecoils in Purpleheart covers. We had a lot of fun building this bass, do you like it or prefer our less…colorfull builds?

Furya Joy

Furya design in more traditional setup. Lace Bass Bars, Glockenklang preamp, Oak neck with alder/cherry body and beatuful bleeched Madrona top. Evo Gold frets on ebony fingerboard


Furya design was inspired by Japanese art so I feel deeply honored that another bass goes to this beautiful country. Oak and cherry are main woods used for this construction. Piezo and magnetic blended signals (splitable into stereo channels as well) gives great thumpy tone, And the 2,3kg weight makes it really comfortable instrument.


Furya made for The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 – this time a special project under Local Wood Challenge. All woods used for this build were sourced exclusively in Poland including spalted alder body with oak neck and 2100 years old bog oak fingerboard. Pure silver swirl on fingerboard, luminlay sidelines and the sweet sounding piezo system fulfill the design. And this is the first Furya Bass with extended fingerboard.

Furya Bass

Furya Bass…Chambered oak and cherry construction, with stainless steel micro frets, Lace X-Bar pickup and our original piezo system. 2,2kg of lively sounding bass


This time a young but very tallented bass player Kamil Pyrek asked for another bass for him. The assumptions were simple – a ligtweight 5 string bass with 32″ scale, lively sound and easy access to highest positions. So there it is…the Furya Bass. I started from designing a body with full access to frets, then the great resonant woods like red cedar and flamed maple for body, lightweight oak neck with plum stripes and thermo stabilised american cherry fingerboard with titanium frets. Custom titanium truss rod, carbon fiber tubes in neck, Gotoh Res-O-Lite tuners and Hipshot aluminium bridge gave tis bass as low as 2,5 kg weight. EMG JAX set makes this bass a serious sound machine.

Process of creation…

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