The world is your oyster! Let your dreams come true with a custom build. Whether it be combining a cello and guitar, violin and guitar, fusing two of our designs together, alternate tunings, invisible pickups, crazy finishes, it doesn’t matter! We’re open to build completely custom instrumentsUnique builds give us fresh ideas, creative solutions, enhance our skills, and are just simply … so much fun! 

Zaq 2

The last custom project finished in 2022 but what a special one! Honestly… I’m not sure I should present it as a bass or a guitar… Technically it is 25-27″ baritone guitar with tuning starting at G, but assuming the playing technique it is surely a bass! With Hipshot Single Bass bridges equipped in piezo saddles and meaty X-Bar magnetic pickup hidden under the ramp I can assume it is ultimate solo guitar for the bass player hands 🤔😊 And what do you think about such concept?


Working with musicians from around the world gives us great satisfaction, but also the opportunity to expand the perspective with which we perceive our work and individual projects. We are especially happy when someone comes back to us with a new concept, such as this one – 31″ scale headless bass with a stainless steel fingerboard, chambered body made of bog oak and replaceable 30″ neck with maple fingerboard. Both necks made with oak, reinforced with carbon fiber tubes. Despite the 1.5mm steel layer on the fingerboard, the weight is only 3.3kg.


LorLet’s blur the line between guitar and cello 
This is 27″ scale, 4 string guitar with 15 low profile stainless steel frets so the upper registers can be played fretless.

Bellarosa Bass

The Bellarosa Bass…This is very special custom project we were working on for last few months – redesigned Furya bass with compressed form to be most lightweight and portable 6-string bass with wide tonal possibilities. 87cm total length and 2,4kg weight 30″ bass equipped in ETS piezo bridge with Richter preamp, Lace Alumitone pickup, Glockenklang EQ and stereo output possibility. Additionaly we prepared replacement 26″ scale neck that makes it even shorter. Both necks has 24 narrow stainless steel frets, one piece oak construction with 2 carbon fiber tubes and titanium trus rods. Alder body finished with Venetian Red classical varnish.

Symphpny Guitar #2

Symphony guitar #2 Alumitone gold humbucker in pair with Schaller piezo bridge and a lot of sweet sounding woods

Symphony Steel Guitar

 The Symphony Steel guitar…a fretless instrument with great sound and endless sustain. The guitar is made with 1,5mm thick stainless steel fingerboard, stainless bridge and great locally made Humless pickups. Birch and okume body, multipiece mahogany / maple neck and oak layer under fingerboard gives it great resonance and presention.

Symphony Chambered Guitar

Symphony chambered guitar. Ebony multiradius fingerboard on 30 years old oak neck and okumae chambered body with thin brown ash/madrona top for the sweetest acoustic sound…


Making a fusion of two different worlds is always a big challenge but also a big fun. This time a cello and guitar were marged to create a new instrument…The Selina..

Symphony Zaq

Process of creation…

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