Original design of Symphony Bass, but in very special size!

It was only a matter of time before our flagship design met the Little Thingand here are the results! 17″ and 19″ scale versions has been made so farThese perfectly portable instruments give musicians all over the world a good reason to have fun and create. The gorgeous design can be ordered as headless or with a headstock, and with the best sound systems. 

Starting price for 4-string Symponette  (hedastock version ) is:  €1500

Starting price for 4-string Symphonette (headless version) is:     €1750

Prices increase with additional options such as more strings, an additional pickup system or preamp.


More strings = more fun? This time 19″ Symphonette with active piezo system powered by custom Noll pramp. Oak as a main wood, with birch center neck block and madrona gold top.


Half scale Symphony Bass made of oak, purpleheart and ziricote. Perfect company for the summer.


6 String Symphonette with Delano quadcoil soapbar pickup, ETS piezo system, Richer 6-channer piezo buffer and blender, Glockenklang 2-band preamp. Carbon fiber reinforced neck and stainless steel micro frets. All of that in really small format


This BASS made a lot of noise at the The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 . With stereo piezo/magnetic pickup system, 6 string headless configuration it gives a lot of possibilities and…joy!

Process of creation…

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