The uFurya is pure FUN! These minimalistic halfscale basses are made to put a smile on your face wherever you are! No matter if you want to practice on the road or play a concert on the other side of the world, this little bass will be there for you. Equipped with a magnetic or piezo system, fretted or fretless, they are always made with sustainable, locally sourced woods and with passion! 

Starting price for 4-string uFurya with one pickup system is  € 1500


microFurya Sky in fretless! Stradi Piezo system with custom Noll preamp and Hipshot locking tuners.


Half scale Furya design, this time with our custom pickup in Ziricote cover and adjustable ebony bridge. Violin stock maple neck and oak body with karelian birch top.


The prototype of uFurya!

Process of creation…

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