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 We make up to 20 pieces of instruments per year, and the big part of it are a custom made basses. To calculate an approximate price of your custom bass you can see some starting point prices below as well as some additional options we can usually offer. Please remember we love new solutions and cool ideas so if the option you would be instersted in is not listed below,  just give us a message and we will see what can be done 🙂


Basic pricing for Symphony Basses:

Symphony Bass 4 – €2800  /  $ 3350
Symphony Bass 5 – €3000  /  $3600
Symphony Bass 6 – €3300  /  $4000

Furya Bass 4 – €2600   /   $3100

Standard features:
construction – set neck (bolt-on for Furya design)
neck – one piece, woods: selected lightweight european oak, maple,  limba, wenge
fingerboard –  pau ferro, wenge, amazaque, padauk
markers – Luminlay lines, brass position dots
body – two-piece body base; selected lightweight oak, alder, meranti, okume, ash
top – figured veneer/solid wood with unique grain top with contrast wood layer underneath
electronics – original Stradi piezo system with pickup under ebony bridge with dedicated Noll preamp or Delano TheXtender passive pickup
finish – satin with visible wood grain or oil-wax
tuners – Gotoh Res-O-Lite or Hipshot Ultralite tuners, chrome or black
scale length – 34” for 4-string, 35” for 5 and 6-string

Including: Gig Bag or Case and Certificate of Authenticity

Note about tax:
Since the Stradi philosophy is to give musicians unique instruments in the best possible quality while keeping prices on reasonable levels we decided to not be an active VAT payer according to Polish tax regulations.

The prices on this website are informative, does not constitute an offer.

Multi piece neck construction

Neck laminated out of few pieces of wood in contrasting pattern. Provides more stability and sustain.Most of our multipiece necks has a tappered center core pattern – it requires more labour but pays of with exceptional look!


Option price: €100  /  $120

Hybrid neck

In this feature the construction is bassicaly a hybrid of neck-through-body and set-neck. The neck (mostly equipped in carbon fiber tubes running from nut to bridge) is a strong, continuius unit that is glued in the specialy carved pocket in body. This option allows also to make an exceptionally lightweight instruments by choosing very lightweight body woods.


Option price:  €150  /   $180

Fretted stainless steel

For fretted bass we use 18% Nickel-Silver (hard) frets as a standard. For exceptional comfort and feel we can install a stainless steel frets in very small size . Working with stainless steel frets in this size requires additional precision and time, stainless steel also consumes the tools very fast. 


Option porice:  €120  /  $140

Fretted titanium

Titanium is very hard and lightweight metal with great sonic properties. We can install a Titanium frets as an option, It requires much more labour than standard fretwork and riuns the tools very fast but the frets are much more wear resistant and have specific appearance.


Option price:  €200  /  $240

Invisible magnetic system

Puristic form is what we love! Making a magnetic pickup that won’t affect the pure, minimalistic lines of instrument  was our goal for many years. Finaly we came out with a solution allowing us to offer such feature. The magnetic pickup is installed from back of the body, reaching the strings vidbration through a fingerboard. Wood is magnetically transparent material so luckily it doesn’t affect the sound and the pickup magnetic field can easily reach the string vibrations.


Option price: €300   /   $350

Delano TheXtender

Our friends from Delano Pickups developed a grat magnetic pickup that can deliver natural, powerfull and rich sound giving 3 different coil setups. Depending on wiring to 3-position switch the setup can be made as single coil / parralel / series or single coil (neck) / parallel / single coil (bridge) and every setup gives a noiseless operation! The oval shape fits perfectly to a smooth clasical lines of Symphony Bass. This option is valid as a suplement for piezo system equipped basses and contain a cost of  pickup, pocket preparation and wiring. However it is standard option for magnetic only equipped basses.


Option price: €200   /   $240

Piezo – magnetic blender

To save some costs a magnetic / piezo pickups can be wired to a switch that allows to sellect an operaton mode. In this case those systems can work only separately – piezo or magnetic. Blender is an active unit that allows signals with different impedance work toghether so the signal from piezo system can be blended with magnetic. In bass with blender you can for example use magnetic pickup and add a bit of caoustic flavour or punch to the sound or use both signals in their full possibilities at once.  Price contains a unit, installaton and knobs.


Option price:  €150   /  $180

Top carving

As a standard the Symphony Bass has a flat top made of a really nice wood pieces. This option covers the cost of thicker wood and additional labour needed to preapre a top with beautiful curvature inspired by the classical instruments design.  The proces starts from  removing most of the wood excess and to giving a basic curvature, then the process is continued  by giving the surface a final shape, perfect smoothnes, sleek curves and soft edges


Option price:  €400   /   $480

Body chambering

Chambering provides singificant weight saving and gives more acoustic sound character,  especialy the „big” chamber that runs through the center axis of body cutting direct path for waves going from neck to bridge. Chambering also allows us to incorporate a classical style f-hole into design.


Option price:  €300  /  $360

Hipshot or ETS piezo bridge

In the short fingerboard version of basses we can install a piezo bridges – Hipshot equipped in Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles. It allows to have acoustic sound with great attack in instruments with more standard magnetic pickups + metal bridge setup.


Option price: €200/$240   –    €350/$400   depending on strings number

Other piezo equipped bridges are available as well – ETS (Germany), RMC (USA) at higher prices.

Layer of stone on carved top

We love to use some…different approach to make our instruments look exceptionally. One of the exaples  is a stone top – a thin layer of natural Slate is applied  on already carved wooden top. It is quite hard to make procedure but giving proper care and patience to application it can pay out with great colour pattern and structure perfectly fits the top curvature . Since the layer is very thin it doesn’t increase the weight of instrument .


Option price:  €300  / $360

Layer of stone on flat top

We can also use a layer of stone to finish a flat design top.  This techique does not require as much labour as with carved top so the cost is lower. This feature also does not increase the weight of instrument – example photo presents a 6-string bass with stone top and weight below 3kg!


Option price:  €100  /  $120




Bog oak top

Bog oak is extremly rare but it is also one of our most beloved woods. This is regular oak wood that was emmersed in grave / swamp / river for hundreds or even thousends years. Oak has it special properties that makes it resistant to destructive effect of water. Instead of falling apart the oak fibers are darkening from brown-gray shades up to jet black across the entire log! After finding such a treasure there’s a long way to the moment it can be used for a build.  It requires a very slow,  carefull and time consuming drying process to keep the wood healthy and strong


Option price:  €200  /  $240

Poplar burl top

We put a lot of care to use as much localy sourced wood as we can, taking care of an exotic wood species sustainability. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful wood  like poplar burl growing localy! The most beautiful pieces of this extraordinary wood in our stock were harvested around 20km from our workshop.  Poplar burl is quite soft but hard to work with due to very irregular grain patterns. Luckily it pays of with exceptional apearance, especially when coloured with our „secret ink” dye.


Option price:   €150  /  $180

Other high grade wood top

Since we make up to 20 pieces of instruments per year we can choose really special wood pieces for our builds. Some pieces have their own story, some are reclaimed and smoe of them are found in really strange places or simply rescued from being a firewood.  We also work with some of the best tonewood supplies from all over the world so if you have a special request or simply like the appearance of specified woods just contact us and we will run thru our stock or find a proper supply to build your dream bass.


Option price:  Please contact us

Cedar or spruce body core

This option helps to make a really lightweight instrument with good natural sound. Spruce is lightweight wood with great stiffness (if quartersawn ) and resonance. It is used as the best material to make a classical instrument tops – from violins and upright basses to classical and acoustic guitars. Cedar has similar properties and structure but gives a warmer tone. We use a pieces originally prepared to be a viola, cello or jazz guitar tops to ensure best quality.  Oprion for solid body basses only.


Option price:  €150  /  $180

Brass eye side dots

Inspired by a classical instruments style of decoration details called „Parisian Eye”we decided to provide an optional side markers in form or a brass circles filled with elegant black resin.


Option cost:  €50

Pure silver swirl position markers

Silver has it’s own superior appearance that beatifully fits the dark wood species that we use to make our fingerboards with.  In pair of its antiallergical properties and  proper hardness it is the perfect matrial for our original swirl position markers we designed for our fretless basses and guitars. We use best quality pure (999 probe) silver.


Option price:   €100

Gloss finish

Our instruments are mostly finished with thin layers of satin / matt polyurethane finishes or hard oil-wax for most natural look and feel, good protection and flexibility. We know that some players are very  attached to a gloss finish on their instruments so we can make it on special request. Since this is not our standard method of work and to be done well in matter of layer thickenss and appearance it requires a lot of attention and time.


 Option price:  €300

Brass tube saddle design

In basses with our wooden bridge design we wanted to provide a special option allowing to go a step further in matter of lively acoustic sound with additional „air”, excellent presence, and clarity.  After a lot of experimenting with different designs we developed a simple but effective solution – a brass tube saddle design. Here you can hear an example of how does it sounds like. Option for fretted basses only.


Option price:  €100  /  $120

Onboard EQ system

Simple and pure form of our design is what we like, so mostly our basses are wired as simple Volume and Tone setup (to be honest it is sometimes an internal fight with feelings to drill the pot holes ruining the perfect curvature of instrument 😉 ) But we know the basses should be perfectly prepared to fulfill the needs of musicans. If there’s a need we can install an EQ unit (2 or 3-band, parametric, or even a MIDI output preamp)  upon request. We work with best preamp builders from Europe and USA (Glockenklang, Delano, Richter, Noll, East, Bartolini, Aguilar and more) so if you have your favourite unit it is no problem to use it in your custom Stradi bass.

Price per request

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