Privacy policy

We protect your privacy. We do not share any part of your personal data with anyone. We use it only for purposes of comunication with you and for proces of order execution.  If you have any questions about your data or you would like us to delete it, please send us an email or request via contact form.


Dear user:

When you enter the pages of our sites, the so-called cookies – small text files sent by our server or websites that we refer to on our websites, e.g. showing multimedia.

Cookies and similar technologies are used on websites primarily for the convenience of users, including to best adapt the content and functions of the site to their needs and expectations, as well as for statistical purposes.

We send cookie files exceptionally. They are used to create statistics that help adjust the content of pages to users’ expectations, remembering the preferred appearance of the pages, e.g. the set font size etc. We also use cookies to match the displayed ads to the interests of site visitors.

In addition to cookies sent from our server through our websites, cookies can also be sent from the servers of the pages to which we refer, e.g. YouTube or social networking sites.

The information sent from your server and saved on your computer are not collected and processed in any way.

Each user can change the settings for cookies in the browser they use, including completely disable the ability to save them. If you do not turn off the ability to save cookies from our sites, it means your consent to save and store them on your computer.
Disabling cookies does not, however, cause the inability to browse pages on our sites.

How do you turn off cookies?

Each Internet user can adjust the level of protection against cookies to their preferences, including completely block the possibility of leaving cookies. Please check your browser help for more information.

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If you have question, want to place an order or just talk about our work please send us a message, we'll try to reply as soon as possible.

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