Original design of Symphony Bass, but in very special size!

It was just a matter of time when a fusion of our flagship design meet the Little Thing concept – and here are the results! 17″ and 19″ scale versions has been made so far, giving musicians all over the world a good reason to have fun and create. Perfectly portable instruments, equipped in highest quality sound systems  and excuisite form in both headless and headstock version.

Starting price for 4-string Symponette  (hedastock version ) is:  €1500

Starting price for 4-string Symphonette (headless version) is:     €1750

Prices increase with additional options such as more strings, an additional pickup system or preamp.


More strings = more fun? This time 19″ Symphonette with active piezo system powered by custom Noll pramp. Oak as a main wood, with birch center neck block and madrona gold top.


Half scale Symphony Bass made of oak, purpleheart and ziricote. Perfect company for the summer.


6 String Symphonette with Delano quadcoil soapbar pickup, ETS piezo system, Richer 6-channer piezo buffer and blender, Glockenklang 2-band preamp. Carbon fiber reinforced neck and stainless steel micro frets. All of that in really small format


This BASS made a lot of noise at the The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 . With stereo piezo/magnetic pickup system, 6 string headless configuration it gives a lot of possibilities and…joy!

Process of creation…

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